Next Cleveland Consent Decree Community Conversation: 6:00 pm, April 14

By Rich Weiss for Neighborhood & Community Media Association of Greater Cleveland

Have you ever wondered: “How is the dedication to community engagement reflected in the Cleveland Police Department’s current budget?”

Do you have a handle on: “What is the CPRB (Civilian Police Review Board) and what is its function?”

In the moment—when you or a loved one comes face-to-face with Cleveland Police Department policies—will you know: “Are body cameras used by all officers, and what is the protocol for turning body cameras on and off?”

These were just a few of the questions from community members just like you during the March 10, 6:00pm, public meeting sponsored by the local chapters of the United Way and NAACP on the Cleveland Consent Decree.  The Wednesday evening input meeting theme was on Cleveland Police Department accountability, transparency, and oversight, but it was not your last chance to have an impact on the Consent Decree and how it is implemented.  This was only the third in a monthly 10-part meeting series to which you are not only invited—the convening organizations believe your input, your concerns, and your questions are vital to the success of the discussion series.

The next meeting is at 6:00 pm on April 14, and the theme will be Citizen Complaints and the Office of Professional Standards.

To answer the call for your input, your concerns, and your questions, register for any of the eight remaining Consent Decree public meetings by visiting

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