Protest at Marion Correctional Institution Set for 3 pm, May 2nd, by EPIC

Please join EPIC- Ensuring Parole for Incarcerated Citizens-a non profit 501(c)(3) fighting for fair laws and treatment within Ohio’s Penal system, “Teezy” from St.Clair– an artist from the Cleveland area (formerly incarcerated behind the walls of MCI) and Councilman Basheer Jones– for A CRY FOR HELP protest at Marion Correctional Institution at 3 pm May 2nd.

We are bringing the awareness to the deplorable conditions within ODRC. The inhumane treatment as well as the cruel and unusual punishment for a crisis beyond their control. We feel Administration of ODRC and our Governor aren’t being transparent and forth coming about the reality of what lies within our prisons. 

We would like to cordially invite you and hope you are able to attend. We are very grateful for the stories and interviews we have been successful in helping journalists and reporters bring together.

And we know more than ever right now, the only way to expose the truth is to bring light to the situation and without your help, it’s not that easy.

We appreciate any time that is taken to cover the conditions within the prisons.

We have had too many deaths due to lack of care within the facility and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!


#DontWatchThemDie #NotADeathSentence #TheirSafetyIsOurSafety #JusticeAndSafetyForALL #RunningOutOfTimeDewine

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